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Simple Car Corp is closed on all federal holidays.
We are closed for the following holidays:
New Years’ Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Presidents’ Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veterans’ Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

General Store Information

Location: 200 E Ruby Ave Palisades Park, NJ 07650
Telephone: (201) 355-2525
Email: [email protected]

Hours of Operation

Weekdays: 9:30 AM to 5 PM EST
Saturday: 9:30 AM to 12 PM EST
Sundays: CLOSED

Holiday Hours: We are closed for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Easter.

Emergency Contact

We will provide you with an email address to be used to contact Simple Car Corp should an emergency situation arise outside of normal business hours.

COVID-19 Standards: Cleanliness is our Priority

Masks Required

With your protection and safety in mind, as well as that of our staff’s, we require all customers and employees to wear masks while present at our location. This is in following of the CDC’s regulations for preventing the spread of the virus. We carry masks and hand sanitizer as well as disinfectant sprays at our office at all times.

Cleaning Protocols

Simple Car Corp follows all CDC protocols for cleaning and disinfecting our vehicles and office, including the CDC Reopening Guidance, CDC Facility Guidelines, and CDC Non-emergency Vehicle Guidelines.

Simple Car Corp ensures a clean process by sanitizing any high touch surfaces on our vehicles:
Doors – both interior and exterior, handles, pockets, and buttons
Center Console – instrument/accessory panel, switches, and buttons
Steering – wheel, column, ignition switch, and buttons
Mirrors – rear, side, and visor mirrors
AC – vents and switches
Gear shift and stick
Voids and compartments – cup holders and areas between seats
Seat belts, buckles, and attachment points

Rental Requirements

Anybody who plans to rent from us and drive our vehicles must meet the following requirements:
Valid driver’s license:

A valid US government issued driver’s license will be required of all drivers at the time of rental. The license may not be expired, cracked, or broken. We do not accept temporary permits or probationary licenses. All drivers must have a minimum of 3 years of driving experience. Drivers with a driver’s license issued outside of New Jersey and New York, may be asked to submit an additional document (e.g., a utility bill) as proof of their address.

Proof of auto liability insurance:

All renters must provide proof of insurance coverage to extend to rental vehicles. They must also contact their insurance company and have them email us their insurance binder, which lists their coverages under their policy. The renters are fully responsible to verify that their coverages extend over to the rental vehicle. For renters without full coverage, we offer collision protection as well as a supplemental liability package; however, we do not currently provide any full coverage options. You may choose to buy necessary insurance products at the time of booking (see more information on insurance packages in the Insurance Products section of our policy)

Credit Card under the Renter’s name:

We accept American Express, Discover Network, MasterCard, and Visa credit cards. At the time of rental, a credit card must be presented with available credit in the renter’s name. The card must be supported by a predetermined line of credit and not a bank account or a pre-paid balance. 

25 years of age:

The driver and any additional drivers in the contract must be at least 25 years of age to rent any of our vehicles.
Fit to drive: We will not give you the keys if we find in our best judgement that you are incapacitated, under the influence, inebriated, or otherwise incapable of driving our vehicle safely.

NOTICE: Credit cards never carry liability coverage and will not be accepted as insurance. Credit cards are secondary coverage and only cover damage to the rented vehicle and do not offer coverage in the event of any liability claims. Renters must have minimum of liability insurance that extends to the rented vehicle.


Simple Car Corp does not rent any of our vehicles to be used for business purposes, transporting passengers for hire or profit, or anything related to school, after school, camp, sports event, church, or other large organization related functions. Our vans do not meet Federal Bus Safety Standards and can not be used to transport children in the twelfth grade or younger, other than family members, for such school related or organizational functions.
NOTE: We require all required documents (valid US government issued driver’s license, major credit card, personal auto insurance ID card and the insurance binder) to be sent to us at the time of reservation. We will not reserve any vehicles without all of these documents provided to us beforehand. We accept these documents through email or text. If the documents are received and not to our standard requirements, we reserve the right to refuse rental.


Due to increased exposure and liability, Simple Car Corp charges an additional $5 per day per additional driver. All requirements for the main driver extend to any and all additional drivers.

A maximum of 2 drivers are allowed per rental and so only one additional driver may be added. All drivers must be present at pick-up with the proper documents at the same time to pick up the vehicle and sign the final contract. There are no exceptions allowed!

Insurance Products

Simple Car Corp offers the following forms of coverage:

Renter’s Collision Protection (RCP): $29.99 + tax per rental day

About RCP: RCP will pay for any damage to our rental vehicle, over $250.00 deductible and collision damage covers up to $20,000 as long as you do not violate the contract. $250.00 deductible will be charged at the time of drop-off and the customer must get a police report at the time of the accident and forward it to Simple Car Corp to be covered by this insurance product. Coverage does not apply to accidents that occur in Mexico. Some restrictions may apply. For more information, please refer to the RCP brochure.

NOTE: In order to purchase any of these insurance products or rent any vehicle from us, the driver must have at least their own personal LIABILITY insurance that fully extends to our Minivan, Cargo, 12 or 15 seater vans.


Simple Car Corp accepts all major credit cards, under the driver’s name, as a form of deposit and payment. We do not accept prepaid cards, debit cards, personal checks, or cash payments. For any exceptions, please speak to us beforehand (additional charges may apply).


The main driver must directly contact Simple Car Corp to request and/or complete a reservation. Information will NOT be provided to family members, friends or relatives. We only guarantee a reservation when the customer fully pays at the time of the reservation and has no remaining balance. We hold the right to cancel or change a reservation anytime with our sole discretion. All reservations require a minimum of $100 deposit in order to reserve a vehicle from us. Please keep in mind this deposit is non-refundable and in any case of cancellations, you will lose your initial deposit.


Reservations are held for up to 1 hour from the agreed pick-up time. PLEASE contact via email or telephone to make sure the vehicle is still available if you are picking up after the reservation time. This will ensure that we know when you are coming in order to avoid having your reservation cancelled! Simple Car Corp will attempt to contact you via email and/or phone. If we are unable to reach you within 1 hour, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and charge the no-show fee. There are no exceptions to this rule.


The minimum length for reservation is 4 days. For the days landing between June 15 and September 15 and any days surrounding the holiday seasons, our minimum rental reservation length is 4 days. We do not allow reservations that exceed 28 days.


All renters are required to pick up and drop off our vehicle directly to and from Simple Car Corp’s office location: 200 E Ruby Avenue Palisades Park, NJ 07650. When dropping off the vehicle, the renter must wait for staff to complete the check-in procedure before leaving. We do not offer any delivery services at this time.

Vehicle Maintenance and Safety Regulations

Simple Car Corp takes pride in maintaining our vehicles and we ask that all our customers help us keep our vehicles up to their exceptional standards. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Off roads: Do not drive our vehicles on unpaved surfaces or off road. Our vehicles are larger than the standard car with higher roofs and can compromise the safety of all passengers when driven in precarious areas.

Snow chains: For safety and liability reasons, we do not supply snow chains and do not allow our vehicles to be driven anywhere that requires snow chains. In the event of extreme unprecedented weather, we advise you pull over and wait it out in a safe place.

Low fuel: Keep an eye out for fuel levels on the road to avoid stopping in the middle of any highway. We wish to ensure the safety of all our customers and want to avoid any situations that may ruin your trip.

Occupancy: Never allow more than 15 people to ride in a 15-passenger van or more than 12 people to ride in a 12-passenger van. When the van is not full, passengers should sit in seats that are in front of the rear axle.

Spare tires: Spare tires can be found in the rear side underneath our vehicles. Please use those available tires and avoid using old spares when replacing worn tires.

Speed: Drive at a safe speed based on driving conditions. Drivers should never exceed the posted speed limit. Always slow down if the roads are wet or icy because passenger vans do not respond well to abrupt steering maneuvers and require additional braking time.


Simple Car Corp will give you your vehicle with a full tank of gas (diesel for sprinter vans). Fuel levels will be checked and confirmed at the time of rental. All customers are required to bring the vehicle back to our office with the same amount of fuel as when rented (full). Renters must fill the tank with premium 91 octane gas (diesel for sprinter vans). The renter must save the gas receipt(s) as they may be asked to provide them to our staff upon request. Fuel discrepancies will be billed up to $5 per gallon.


Simple Car Corp does not offer refunds for returning a vehicle earlier than the specified return time and date on rental agreement. Should a customer experience a verifiable mechanical or safety issue, the customer may elect to return the vehicle to the Simple Car Corp office or leave the vehicle in its current state/position. Simple Car Corp management will make determination of refundable monies once the vehicle is recovered and inspected thoroughly to verify validity of the problem. If a problem is not able to be found/verified, the customer may be responsible for transportation fees of $500 or $1 per mile from mile one.


Keeping a rental vehicle for longer than originally scheduled is generally not a problem. Late Returns or Extensions: Any late returns or extensions will be subject to a higher daily or weekly rate after a 1-hour grace period. Please check with our office if you need to extend your rental, provided that the vehicle is not already reserved for another customer.


All reservations require a prepaid deposit of $200 in order to reserve the vehicle. Once your deposit is made, it is non-refundable—no exceptions. If you wish to cancel your reservation, the only penalty is the loss of your deposit.


All renters may use their own EZ-pass. Any unpaid toll results in the charge of the maximum charge of the unpaid toll in addition to an administration fee. The renter may also rent our EZ-pass at the rate of $20 plus tax and the incurring toll fees during their rental.


You agree to be responsible for payment of all tolls, fines, and violations and authorize Simple Car Corp to release your rental and card information to Violation Management Services (VMS) or Simple Car Corp for the exclusive purpose of processing billing and/or payment of tolls, parking or traffic fines, fee penalties, notices and/or administrative fees up to $50 for EACH infraction or toll, violation, or evasion incurred during the rental period.


The renter must provide us with the police report(s) for any type of incident. The renter must also provide us with the information of the third-party involved in the accident upon request. The renter must pay the deductible listed on their insurance policy (or instead the deductible of the Renter’s Collision Protection if purchased) upon arrival. The renter is also responsible to pay the loss of use for the vehicle.


No pets, excluding any service animals, are allowed in any vehicle unless crated. It is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is clean and odor-free and has no sign of pet hair, etc. This is in concern to allergies and the additional time spent cleaning for our team. A $350 cleanup fee will be assessed to any vehicle with any signs of pet transport.


A minimum of $80 for interior cleaning will be added to any vehicle that comes back excessively dirty inside. If seats and floors are stained, a $350 detailing fee will be charged instead of $80.


Absolutely NO smoking is permitted in any of our vehicles. A $350 detailing fee will be applied if we detect any signs of smoking, including odor, ashes, butts in ashtray, etc.


All of our vehicles may travel to any state in the East Coast of the United States. All of our rental vehicles are regulated by GPS tracking units to ensure destination agreements in the rental contract. No vehicles are to travel to Mexico and Canada.


All information found in our policy is for informational purposes. It is not designed to replace our rental agreement which supersedes any information found on this page, although almost all of the policies will align. Policies may be changed without notice.
Last Updated: 10/05/2021